How to Hire The Best Painting Contractors

It can be very difficult to know if you are hiring the right painting professional for the job or whether you are about to hire someone who absolutely does not know what they are doing.

If you end up getting a bad painter in, you can turn what should be a fairly simple job into an absolute nightmare situation for you and your family. It can end up causing you a lot of stress, lost time and even more scarily it could end up costing you a lot of money. One of the most important things you should look for in any prospective contractor is proper insurance details. Not only will this give you an idea of their seriousness towards their business but also it will let you know how big and successful their business is.

Insurance cover is not cheap for a contractor to obtain, so if they have gone through the cost and trouble to get it then you know that they are doing a good amount of work. Presumably if they can keep that volume of clients then they are doing good work as the most common and easiest way to get work as a contractor is to be referred by a former client to one of their friends or family.

Of course insurance cover is important for other reasons too. If a builder or one of his employees were to hurt themselves while on your property and they didn’t have the proper insurance cover, then they could actually sue you, the homeowner, for any medical bills or lost wages due to them being unfit for work.

This has happened to many shocked homeowners and it really is a terrible scenario to find yourself in as you don’t really have any legal recourse. So make sure that you ask for and thoroughly inspect the insurance details of anyone who will be doing any work on your property.

The first place you should be looking when trying to decide on who you should hire to complete your painting project is with family and friends or work colleagues. If they have had work done in the past and they have been happy with it then their recommendation is as good as gold. They will give you a 100% honest appraisal of the work they received. They don’t want to be responsible for anything that goes wrong with your painting so they will only recommend the very best contractors to you in an effort to make sure that everything goes well for you.

If you don’t have anyone in your close social circle who can give you a referral then another great place to check out is the local hardware store or builder’s providers. These businesses are often frequented by building contractors of all types and again they will give you a good recommendation because if they give you a referral to a contractor who ends up doing poor quality workmanship, then you are not going to want to buy any future goods or services from that store. The store owner will not want to lose any of your future business so he will only be working and associating himself with high quality and reliable painters.

Another strong place to look is to ask the builders that you currently have working in your home. Let’s say that you are getting some painting and tiling done or carpet laid at the same time. Then ask the tiler and carpet layer if they can recommend anyone. People who work in the building trade often know other painters and will often have agreements to refer work to each other. In an attempt to hold onto future contracts from you and so that you’ll still be happy to refer them to other people you know, they will be honest and not lead you astray here.

I wanted to also talk a little about online reviews. Unfortunately these are often faked and that can be easily done. In fact not only are there a lot of fake five star reviews planted there by the owner himself or by friends and family. But sometimes even the 1 star reviews are fake as rival companies will often try to sabotage their competitor’s ratings in an effort to hurt their business and steal business and customers for themselves. This is rather disgusting behaviour and incredibly dishonest but is also all too common. One thing you can do here is be very careful with companies that have only a few reviews. But if a company has 50 reviews then that is much more difficult to fake as platforms online do have methods of detecting and removing fake reviews.

Google is notorious for being easy to plant a false review. So the best thing to do is check a company’s Facebook reviews instead. These are much harder to game as each review needs a separate account which now needs a phone number attached to it for verification purposes. Also each review is linked to a separate Facebook account which you can click on to investigate if the account is real or not. Facebook ratings are often significantly more accurate and should be your main source. There are other smaller platforms which are aiming to clean up online company ratings by contacting clients directly to attain fully verified ratings. but this wont usually be useful to you if you live outside the US as they are not often used.

If you plan on having a very large painting project being done then I’d highly recommend asking the painter for past references. And I don’t just mean photos either. You should call that previous client or clients and you should also try your best to go and take a look at the actual work that was carried out too. Then you can see once and for all what kind of quality workmanship your painter is capable of producing. Pictures can be taken at certain angles to make a job look better than it actually is but when you are seeing something in person you can get the real and full picture. This is quite involved though and likely is only worth it if you are going to be getting a large amount of painting done, lets say for a major interior or exterior repainting that is going to set you back a few thousand euro.

Thank you very much for taking a look at one of my first ever blog posts. I know that articles like this are very valuable because I’ve gotten so much positive feedback already from our readers. Life can be difficult so I just want to make your house painting services go as quickly and easily as I can for you. Keep checking out my site regularly to find out lots more great and useful information on painting inside and outside your home. Also don’t forget that I am a professional painter myself based in Dublin, Ireland. If you want to hire me (and you should!) then you can do so by using the details listed at the top of the page or send me a quick message using the contact me link that is situated at the top right hand corner of this very page (and indeed all pages on this website). I’ll also be posting pictures and videos of my previous work so that you can get a better idea of exactly what we are capable of here at CLVEC Painters.